History, Vision, Mission

Brief History

Baba’s Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit, non-government social development organization duly organized in October 1987 and registered with government’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in April 5, 1988. Its SEC Registration number is 01204. It was in the year 1987, when the country was rocked with extreme poverty and injustice that the founders of Baba’s Foundation, Inc. came together to conduct social services and development efforts to contribute to the upliftment of the living condition of the people of Mindanao and Davao City in particular. In the year 1988, even before the formal registration of the Foundation with the government’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), BFI has already started conducting and implementing welfare programs and social services for the needy.

It started its community development activities in Davao City since its formal organization in 1988, doing welfare programs such as free clinics in poor areas of Buhangin District, cooperative building, mass feeding for the undernourished children, and the establishment of Pre-schools in areas where there are many children but no schools. Towards the end of 1989, BFI started its Enterprise Development Program when it was able to access a loan of P 200,00.00 from the Department of Trade and Industries (DTI) of the Phil.government. The initial loan was able to assist 48 small entrepreneurs in their capital requirements. In the preceding years, BFI was able to access grants and loans from different local and international funding agencies. To date, under its programs and projects, BFI has able to serve and assist more than 10,000 small entrepreneurs, farmers, women, children and youth who are members of primary cooperatives and some tribal and destitute communities.

The Vision

UNIVERSAL VISION: “A society in which all human beings are empowered, and have realized their physical, mental and spiritual potentials, where communities are self-reliant, balanced and sustainable, and where everybody lives in harmony amidst diversity ”.

BFI VISION : “ A sustainable, strong , dynamic and viable NGO , committed to work for the physical, mental and spiritual empowerment of the marginalized sectors of society in building and developing self-reliant, balanced , progressive and harmonious communities”.

The Mission


“Uplift, Build, Sustain and Transform the lives of marginalized Mindanaoans into a more humane, just and spirituality-inclined quality existence”.

BFI commits its people and resources to the upliftment of the lives of the marginal farmers, small entrepreneurs, women, youth and children of Mindanao, through education and capability building, provision of micro-financial assistance and social benefits, establishment of Neo-humanistic early childhood care and educational facilities, formation and strengthening of cooperatives, production and marketing assistance of major farm produce, showcasing and replicating sustainable agricultural and organic farming methodologies , provision of relief and emergency assistance , and establishment of alternative health and geriatric care, with the end-view of contributing to the holistic transformation of the Philippines and the Filipino people.

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