Goals and Objectives

  1. To initiate education and capability building programs for its internal and external human resources;
  2. To provide microfinancial and entrepreneurial services to clients;
  3. To assist in the establishment of neo-humanistic educational facilities and geriatric care units;
  4. To develop sustainable community organizations;
  5. To engage in the production, marketing and trading of agri and non-agri products;
  6. To promote and implement thrift and savings mechanisms among cooperatives, associations and other self-help groups;
  7. To advocate towards peace initiatives, good local governance, environment protection and management, sustainable agriculture technologies and practices, and equitability and gender-responsiveness of men and women;
  8. To facilitate relief, welfare and emergency assistance to clients, partners, communities and victims of natural and man-made calamities and other unforeseen events effecting them; and
  9. To institutionalize financial and resource management, accessing systems and control, management information, human resource development and administrative systems.