Social Enterprise

DREAMS Program

The Developing Resources through Entrepreneurship and Alternative Microfinance Systems or DREAMS , is BFI’s initiative in Micro-Finance. The program formally started as a full Microfinance venture with several products in the year 2003, but has its history of credit program implementation since its early years in 1989. after it has successfully implemented the Dept. of Trade and Industries’ (DTI) TST-SELA (Tulong sa Tao-Self Employment Livelihood Assistance) Program . The DREAMS Microfinance Program commits itself to the principles of sustainability, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and growth.
The BFI DREAMS Microfinance Program commits itself to improving the quality of life of the poor families in Mindanao, by providing opportunities to help them help themselves, through sustaining and developing their entrepreneurship endeavors that will create jobs for family members in the process, generate income to help them pay for their obligations, and improve the general well-being of the members. DREAMS would also like to perceive self-reliant families taking active participation in responding to the needs of their communities and exerting collective efforts for its development.

The BFI DREAMS Microfinance has implemented the program using time tested models such as the Grameen Bank Approach from the period 2003 to 2008, and the ASA Technology from 2009 to the present.. During the years of implementation, it has also used its field experiences and made some modifications on these models, suiting it to the situation and realities of its clients and beneficiaries.

One new methodology currently being developed is the Partnership Financing scheme, whereby BFI partners with a micro or small entrepreneur to develop and strengthen the business capacity of a particular enterprise , sharing risks and opportunities, and ensuring a successful buisness venture, that will see success as both the client-entrepreneur and the partner institution BFI , along with other stakeholders such as the market and the suppliers, will work hand-in-hand in ensuring the growth of the enteprise.

BENDS or Business Enterprise Development Services Program

This is the Foundation’s strategy that stimulates and supports enterprise development initiatives of its clients. In partnership with the beneficiaries and BFI-assisted communities, BENDS provides technical assistance, training, technology enhancement, and access to market and delivery schemes and services for various community-based entrepreneurial undertakings.At present, the program implements the following projects:

  • SMILE Project or Sustainable Marketing Initiatives and Livelihood Enterprise aims to strengthen the economy and the agri-based business skills of the marginal farmers by providing them with various opportunities to be directly involved in the marketing of their products as well as tapping market-based information systems and technology.
  • TRIPS or Transport Initiatives for Partners’ Sustainability Project is also one of BENDS Program’s endeavor that assist clients with public utility driving as the main source of family income acquire their own public transport through a socialized scheme for ownership , over a period of time.

 Shelter Access for the Promotion of Environmental Sustainability or SHAPES Program

This aims to provide access to affordable shelter and acquisition of land for homeless and landless families, and development of housing units that are environment friendly, with components of a sustainable village. The establishment of Baba’s Ecological Villages or BECOVILLE, and Baba’s Ecological and Agricultural Villages or BECO-AGRIVILLE) are the main projects of the SHAPES Program.