Social Services and Development

STARS program

STARS Program which stands for Sustainable Technology for Agricultural Resources and Services promotes sustainable agriculture and organic farming systems, through organizing cluster of farmers and providing them natural farming technologies. This program is BFI’s response to the degradation of the environment and the destruction of human health. Organic farming inputs are produced, natural farming technologies are introduced to farmers, and model farming units developed to sustain their enthusiasm and interest on organic agriculture.

Under the STARS program, BFI is currently engaged as a Professional Service Provider (PSP) of the Dept. of Agrarian Reform (DAR) , under its Agrarian Reform Community Connectivity and Economic Support Services (ARCCESS) Program. ARCCESS is a support service delivery mechanism of the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR), designed to contribute to the overall goal of rural poverty reduction in Agrarian Reform Areas (ARAs) in the country.

BFI’s engagement as a Professional Service provider for DAR’s ARCCESS Program started in the year 2013, when the program’s Batch 1 started. Now on its 3rd batch, BFI is engaged in the program in the 5 Regions onf Mindanao, particularly Regions 9, 10, 11, Caraga and ARMM. BFI’s engagement is focussed on two ARCCESS components, namely, Agri-Extension Services and Business Development Services. The Agri-Extension Services (AES) provides agricultural technology inputs and services to farmers who are members of Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations (ARBOs), with its advocacy for sustainable and antural farming system.

The Business Development Services (BDS) component is geared towards providing the ARBOS with business development technical support services to substantially improve the business and marketing thrusts and operations of their respective organizations. This is in line with DAR’s goal of developing agri-entrepreneurship from the ranks of their ARBs.


Humanitarian Endeavors and Actions through Relief Tasks or HEART Program is BFI’s response to immediate needs of the victims of natural and man-made calamities. This is BFI’s initial program when it started its operation as a Civil Society Organization.The program is focussed on the provision of immediate relief and rehabilitation assistance in times of natural and man-made calamities within its area of operation and even beyond. In the past major typhoons that hit Davao Province and its neighbouring areas such as Visayas, BFI was among the first organizations which addressed the needs of the victims of the disaster. Together with its sister organization , AMURT (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team), BFI set up social service stations, and volunteers fed thousands of homeless victims and distributed immediate relief. When its direct services could not be provided by reason of distance and logistics, BFI’s HEART program gathers relief goods and materials, and send them to other relief organizations directly working in the affected areas. The program also organized a relief Team it called QUEST or Quick Emergency Service Team composed of young and active volunteers willing to provide voluntary relief services.

Community Advocacies for Social Transformation or CAST Program

BFI advocates Transparency, Accountability, and Good Governance, in barangay, city and provincial level. BFI sits as the secretariat of the Davao Procurement Transparency Core Group, a 26 NGO member organization advocating for transparency through the fielding of Bids and Awards Committee Observers to government procurement procedures. Under this program, BFI is a partner of the government’s Commisison on Audit (COA) as its CSO counterpart for its Community Partnership Audit (CPA) Program which provide check and balances in the monitoring of government infrastructure projects being implemented by contractors.

OASIS Program or Options for Alternative Social Interventions and Services

This is the organization’s mutual benefit initiative that caters to the social needs of members/beneficiaries in time of death, medical needs, calamities, and happy events such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays of members and their qualified beneficiaries. A built-in component and shock-absorber of the BFI microfinance program, the OASIS’ Members Welfare Systems is also affiliated with big insurance companies to better serve its clients’ needs.

IDEALS or Initiatives for Development, Empowerment and Alternative Learning Services

This is the Foundation’s program that aims to serve marginalized sectors of society, specifically members, farmer organizations and cooperatives, agrarian reform beneficiaries, rural federations, NGOs and other agencies thru the establishment of training and development institute for enterprise devt, leadership, good governance, spiritual development and other initiatives geared towards the creation of opportunities and venue for societal transformation.

CREATIONS or Center for Creative Options Project of the IDEALS Program

This focuses on in-campus development and learning endeavors, while the Training for Empowerment and Actions for Change or TEACH Project is an outreach training arm that brings learning on enterprise devt. technologies to communities that BFI serves.

The IDEALS Program shall also provide technical support to social enterprise programs of the Foundation, through the provision of technicla assistance in business development such as financial management, business accounting, access to management information system, government and other financing institutions reportorial requirements, and the likes.